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BELTANE FIRE  Australia - was officially formed in 2010 by modern Pagan rock songstress, Soda Lee as a recording project, but rapidly became a dynamic live act.

A fully original hard rock outfit inspired by timeless and classic music influences, blended with the passion and rebellion of the hardest power bands of the 80s and the 90s. The band delivers stylish, raw and solid melodic hard rock with a Gothic edge.

Combining powerful and edgy riffage with a strong and haunting vocal attack, the songs invite intrigue, while telling of ancient beliefs and dark, yet uplifting legends and myths of 'The Old Ways'.

As a live act BELTANE FIRE has been described by fans as powerful and spectacular, keeping the audience mesmerized throughout the entire performance.

   'The journey continues'

Australian performance line-up:
Soda Lee - Vocals
Danny Krash - Guitar, vocals
Terry Pugh 'Dr. Doom' -

Hammond, synth, piano
Lee Cleaver - Drums

Leigh Miller and Jason Argon  - Bass


A Creative Collaboration




Soda Lee has always lived 'Gothic Horror, Music and Magick'. As a child she was a Tomboy, loved horror movies, and had a deep fascination with the dark realms of the unknown. While her friends were playing with dolls, and dressing up like Princesses, Soda would always dress up 'Witch and Demon' like...and draw, sing, and write songs of fantasy, and 'scary things‘ prompting her parents to occasionally wonder what kind of daughter they were raising.

She has also always held a deep alternative mindset to 'Spirituality', which she now releases and shares through her music. As an Aquarian, she has strong opinions on Humanity, freedoms, Planet Earth, and life in general. She finds the unbounded philosophies of modern Paganism a beautiful way to live her life, guide her soul, and channel her music,

'A little info about her Creators'

Soda's Mother was a dancer-singer and part time actor, and performed in the 50's and 60's throughout Sydney Australia with her two sisters in a musical theater trio akin to The Andrew Sisters, their working highlight being a 2 year residency at the famous Sydney nightclub ‘The Trocadero’.During this time is when Soda’s parents first met, and decided to marry. Soda’s Grandfather was one of the first contract builders in West Australia, so the new couple moved from Sydney to Perth, where her mother continued singing, but eventually re-embraced the entertainment industry landing a position in hotel management, working at well known local venues The Raffles, The Savoy, The Windsor, and The Charles Hotels.

Soda was a 'late' but much loved baby, who embraced and shared her parents fun life, but at sixteen, she sadly lost her Mum to a brain aneurysm. Her Father, besides being an accomplished athlete and International cyclist, having completed two 'Tour de France', and gained second place n the Melbourne '56 Olympics, was also a fabulous Jiver, and competent piano player. Their influences evidently passed down to their daughter, as Soda's past acting experience, plus her previous 'day gig' as a fitness consultant-personal trainer, has enabled her to now deliver a passionate and high energy stage performance. Soda's music taste is diverse. She always sang, but first learned piano and dance at primary school age, later learning guitar as high energy hard rock music became her artistic obsession. Her parents loved the 'crooners' and 'Big Band' era of the 40's and 50's. Blues, Latin, Jazz and soul all have a place in her musical heart,

and a future album of such is on the agenda.

She is, as are her band members, highly influenced by the early 70's rock masters,

and with Dad's help, but against his better judgement, she saved for, chose and purchased

her first electric guitar at 11 years old. By the age of thirteen she had formed her own

kid ‘rock band' with close friends, and had written and performed her own originalcompositions.

She was the epitome of the budding rock star child who would rush homefrom school, disappear

into her horror themed, poster filled room, and practice to Deep Purple 'Made in Japan',

Vol. 4 by Black Sabbath, Vol.4, and 'Physical Graffiti' by Led Zeppelin, among many

other 70s and 80s heavy classics. A highlight of her early songwriting skills was winning

first and second place with two songs in an original song competition held on a local radio

station at age 14, one of which evolved into 'Club Voodoo', the second track on debut album

SPELLBOUND. She still plays her guitar for songwriting, but feels she never accomplished her

personal level of expectation to actually perform, so it currently hangs next to a classic bass guitar 

in the beloved 'Bat Cave’home studio, awaiting the next caress.  Nevertheless, she says

‘one cannot define exactly what the future holds, so playing again is always a possibility

on upcoming Beltane Fire tracks, or beyond’.

Soda's dream was always to do exactly what she is now doing. To write, produce and perform

her own music, which she has now achieved, despite a lengthy setback when she developed

a rare and unusual vocal disorder which completely stole her vocal ability for near ten years,

and required invasive surgery, after which, only to be told her singing voice would neverreturn

due to heavy scar tissue. After the related emotional distress she had already endured,

including cancer fears, the news was devastating. She never wavered from her goal however,

particularly songwriting, and after many months and hours of intense home practice, failed

vocal therapy and singing lessons....armed with an unstoppable ''Power of Intention',and the

‘rebellious determination' she is known for by her friends, over a period of four years, she

retrained her own voice to a competent performance level, until without doubt or hesitation,

and with the priceless support of some very talented friends and accomplished local players,

her five year plan saw the completion and launch of debut album SPELLBOUND.

Now, with numerous successful shows on the BELTANE FIRE CV, Soda's voice has matured

to a rich and dynamic resonance, accompanied by a powerful rip,  adding a unique character

and 'timbre'to her overall sound. With immense 'Universal' gratitude,  she has chosen to donate,

via her family owned charity fund, renamed THE BELTANE FOUNDATION, on the passing of her

Aunt in Sydney in 2010, all proceeds, to selected global causes for which  she has always

been passionate. They being, IFAW, World Animal Protection, OXFAM Australia,  and specific

areas of 'World Vision' targeting child education and women's business  development in

disadvantaged communities.

Due to timing and overseas commitments, SPELLBOUND was officially launched globally

on line and via selected independent radio, from Hamburg, Germany by Live stream,

on Halloween night 2016.

So BELTANE FIRE was originally a recording project. A dream, a life long goal,

and a personal 'mountain to climb'. Now, after three line-up changes, the band presents

a well seasoned, solid, highly experienced and committed team who skillfully reproduce

and showcase the SPELLBOUND tracks with a colorful and renewed energy.

The band as a unit joyfully and enthusiastically anticipates without expectation whatever

it may be the 'blessed' future has in stall. Soda and drummer Leroy, have both performed

individually in Germany, Switzerland and Ireland and with a new album ‘BEYOND ZADIANA’,

in the works, and a clear direction, BELTANE FIRE looks forward to what lies ahead in it's much

enjoyed hours of priceless 'Bat Cave' writing sessions, accompanied by fine red wine creativity,

off beat discussions of dreams, philosophies, beliefs and all things esoteric and magikal,

the musical journey continues.

'Promotional Herstory'

Soda has been a staunch and popular identity on the local West Australian music scene, at various levels, since her late teens. She has been an avid supporter of 'Original' music all her thinking life, in the early nineties creating 'SOUNDSTORM Management', the logo being, ‘The Original Innovators' focusing on band management, event co-ordination and promotion for up and coming original artists by various medias, including her own live performance photography (VoodooMoon Photography).

In 2007 she formed ‘West Coast Music Shack' AUSTRALIA, an on-line concept and another innovative 'first', following the same direction as SOUNDSTORM, but conducting 'off the cuff' live local and overseas interviews with accompanying video clips. (Check WCMS on You Tube)

WCMS became the most viewed Australian You Tube music channels for two years running, and although interviews are no longer a part, the promotion continues on a daily basis via social networking sites and You Tube. Now also currently incorporated in the same vein are the POWER OF THREE -‘Original Hard Rock Music Showcases' held locally in Perth, West Australia.

   Written by rockin' ole friend, Ian Rossiter, Sydney AU.

                      Ex-Sounds Magazine Australia 73 -79

                      Go Set Magazine Australia  84 - 90

                      Rolling Stone Australia   92-97

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