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"Enhancing the lives of Women and Children globally and striving for the preservation of the World’s animals”

THE BELTANE FOUNDATION (renamed in 2010) is a family owned foundation created in New South Wales, Australia in 1958, now owned by Soda Lee, founder, vocalist and songwriter for West Australian based gothic hard rock band BELTANE FIRE,, who currently channels 100% of proceeds from her music ventures to various charities that are close to her heart, targeting animal - environment welfare and women and children’s educational and business opportunities in disadvantaged communities globally. Established charities include IFAW, WWF, RSPCA, Save Our Oceans, Oxfam AU, The Venus Project and specific areas of World Vision. Also included are numerous related charities to which ongoing one of donation are made.

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'THE BELTANE FOUNDATION' is a private family charity fund established in New South Wales, Australia in 1973, now re-created by Soda Lee for the purpose of channeling all musical proceeds by West Australian Gothic Pagan Hard Rock band and recording project BELTANE FIRE Est. 2010 to selected Global charities including IFAW, WSPA, WWF for Nature, Oxfam Australia and specific areas of World Vision targeting Child sponsorship / education and Womens business development in disadvantaged communities.
                              'Using the Power of Music and Positive Intention to make the World a better place for All'
                                                                                              'Blessed Be'

                                                                                    "Making the Music Matter"

                                 For personal donations :
                                 The Beltane Foundation"
                                 Bank details:
                                 BSB 036-079
                                 ACC. 379176


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